Must-Have Plastering Tools for Your Home Improvement Project

If you find yourself tackling a home improvement project that involves plastering, you’ll need the right tools for the job. Fortunately, you can find such items at Marshall Industrial Supplies.

Let us take a look at the must-have plastering tools for your home improvement project.


With a plastering trowel, you’ll be able to smooth the plaster effectively after applying to a surface. The trowel is utilized to flatten plaster over the region being fixed. It is essential for the trowel to have an excellent, clean surface to achieve a uniform finish.


A plastering hawk is another vital tool that is mostly used by professional plasterers. It is a portable surface for holding plaster material on the move. The hawk lets you apply plaster fast and seamlessly across walls and ceilings. Additionally, a plastering hawk is more advantageous than working with the plaster straight from a bucket. That’s because of the quantity of drywall material that can be collected by the trowel in every scooping move. The plaster can stick to your hawk after a while, but you can tip it at a right angle to scoop the material.

Mixing Bucket

A mixing bucket will serve many uses on your home improvement project. Most times, you will need a decent bucket size of at least 15 litters depending on your needs. Before you begin any plastering work, ensure your bucket is clean and dry, so that you don’t contaminate your plastering materials.

Utility Knife

The utility knife will help you in cutting plaster tape to the relevant size. It is useful in squaring out the edges of the holes to be plastered if you are fixing a damaged wall. The straight edges are simpler to smooth over for a regular surface.

Jointing Knife

You will need a jointing knife to define a straight line and edges into corners and other tight spaces. Jointing knives are available in a range of shapes and sizes, and you can choose the one that fits your requirement best. An angled jointing knife is excellent for working on the hard to reach angles.

Plasterers Float

After adding the last layer of plaster to a surface, you will need to pass over it one last time with a plasterers float. The float will help you to achieve an even, high quality finish. It is an essential tool that should never be overlooked, because without it, it will be difficult to smooth down the plaster.

Step Ladder

If you are plastering higher areas, you will definitely want to have a step ladder. You should try to find a ladder with a top pan shelf. Carrying your equipment and materials in a pan helps to decrease fatigue and amount of time spent climbing and descending the ladder.


A scarifier is a huge metal comb that enables you to scratch the rendering surface before applying another coat. It’s a vital plastering tool because it allows you to comb lines straight into your render, creating a more solid bond.

That’s it! With the above plastering tools, your home improvement job will be easier to handle. You can get all those tools at Marshall Industrial Supplies Limited. Check out their website for more details.

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