5 Unique Makeover Ideas for Your Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets are a must-have in any home.  They create additional storage space and will raise the value of your home. However, they get old and outdated over time, requiring replacement. Installing new kitchen cabinets can be costly for homeowners on a budget. But,  you can incorporate a few makeover ideas during your home improvement project and have your cabinets look as good as new- and for less! Here are kitchen cabinet  refinishing ideas  to consider:

  1. Painting- works wonders!

 A fresh coat of paint will add the desired luster and style to your cabinets. You don’t have to replace your cabinets just yet, Cabinet Painting Calgary is a cost-effective idea.  Painting will transform the gloomy cabinets into a focal point in your kitchen. 

However, your choice of color matters, go for bright hues and ensure they blend well with your wall color.

You can use various techniques to add a sense of style and personality to your cabinets. Examples include;

  • Crackle– Crackle means painting with a little flair. Doing this will showcase your style, and make your cabinets look chic.
  • Distressed – This is a rustic finish, featuring layered paint colors and spotted dark paint. 
  • High gloss- A glossy finish will make your cabinets stand out. The gloss will shine through your storage spaces, creating the illusion of a glass or metal finish. To achieve this,  apply a coat of high gloss clear acrylic to create that glassy finish. 
  • Antique– The antique finish creates the illusion of glass on cabinets. It involves dipping a paintbrush in a lighter color and grazing the detail rim, seams, and corners to speed up the aging process. 
  1. Consider a pull-out shelf

Adding extra components will drastically transform the look of your cabinets. For instance, adding a pull-out -shelf or base cabinets will create additional storage space, and alter the look of your cabinets. This coupled with a coat of paint will leave your cabinets with a new fresh look. 

  1. Reface 

 Don’t worry about your scratched kitchen cabinets anymore! Ever thought of how much you will save by altering a few aspects of your cabinets? Add new doors to brighten up your space. You can get them from a woodworking company or have a carpenter do it. The project will take less time and will transform the entire look of your kitchen cabinets.

  1. Incorporate a plate rack

 If you have beautiful plates and other utensils you wish to display, you only need to get a bit creative! Create a space to display them on your cabinets. Build a small plate rack on your cabinet, and add  glamor to your space,

  1. Finish with beautiful undercabinet lighting!

 A simple idea can change the entire look of your kitchen cabinets! Undercabinet lighting will work wonders when done right. So, add dramatic accent lighting to create that dramatic look and feel in the kitchen.

 In summary, you don’t have to spend lots of money installing new kitchen cabinets during home renovations or upgrades. Simple ideas such as painting can make your kitchen stand out.

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