Choose an Organic Latex Mattress for Sound Sleep and Great Health

An organic or natural latex mattress is always better than its synthetic counterparts any day. An average adult spends approximately one-third of his life in bed sleeping, and this number goes up for toddlers and young kids.

When you spend much of your time on your bed, it becomes essential that you spend on an excellent bedding system to reap long term health benefits. Anything organic has way more benefits than its synthetic counterparts. Similar is the case with a natural or organic latex mattress. These mattresses, thanks to the organic materials used in manufacturing, comes with tons of health benefits that a person can start experiencing over some time. An organic mattress not only helps in promoting sound sleep but also assists in improving the overall health of a person.

What makes organic mattresses unique is that they are free from toxins, pesticides, or any element that can pose a serious threat to your health. While manufacturing a natural latex mattress, either minimum flame retardants are used, or they are avoided altogether.

Plus, you will hardly find any accumulated mold or dust mites under an organic mattress’s surface. It works wonders for people that are allergic or are sensitive towards any chemical. An organic mattress lets you sleep peacefully and keeps harmful elements at bay. Read ahead to know precisely how a natural mattress helps to promote sound sleep and contributes towards great health!

How Can a Natural Latex Mattress Help You Sleep Soundly and Stay Healthy?

Safety from PBDEs

As mentioned earlier, an organic latex mattress is made with either minimum or almost no fire retardants. For those uninitiated, fire retardants are used in the manufacturing process of most conventional coil-spring or innerspring mattresses, and they contain a chemical called polybrominated diphenyl ether, aka, the PBDEs.

These chemicals, like PBDEs, are extremely harmful to human health, as they can give rise to numerous health concerns, like- ADHD in children, memory & learning impairment, thyroid disruption, behavioral changes, liver damage, and many more. Using a mattress free from PBDEs can save you from all these grave health issues that you would have otherwise encountered because of a non-organic mattress. You can also upgrade your entire bedding system by adding a quality latex mattress topper in the set.

Hypoallergenic & Anti-microbial

If you use a coil spring mattress or any other traditional innerspring mattress, then you must have often experienced allergy in some form or the other.. It happens because of the microbes and allergens that are found clinging down the surface of your mattress. These harmful elements have the power to damage the respiratory system of an individual if necessary steps are not taken on time.

It is one of the various reasons why many people suffer from breathing problems today. If you are allergic or have just come out of it, then you should get yourself a top-quality natural latex mattress. To keep your health on the safer side, it will be best if you can also purchase a good quality latex mattress topper. Together this set is sure to help you receive a good night’s sleep along with numerous health benefits.

Reduced Body Pain & Motion Isolation

You should always choose a mattress that gives equal and unmatched support throughout your body. A natural latex mattress keeps your entire body cushioned the moment you step on your bed. You can experience pressure relief and continued support for your body that ultimately promotes a sound and uninterrupted sleep.  Another top quality of this mattress is its motion isolation feature. If your partner has the habit of tossing and turning multiple times at night, then the organic mattress is perfect for you. Instead of ruining your sleep, its motion isolation feature won’t let you feel a thing, no matter how many times your partner gets up or turns around on the bed.

No Off-gassing

If you aren’t well aware of the term, then “off-gassing” is the event where an unpleasant odor is produced when some specific petrochemicals come in direct contact with air. This harmful odor can quickly spread throughout your house, causing severe headaches and respiratory distress. People using memory foam mattress must have encountered it once in their life while using the memory foam mattress.

Some people have the misconception that this odor is temporary, and it fades away with time. The truth is that the odor will start seeping into your home, as the mattress begins breaking down. It can cause severe breathing problems among your family members. To keep your house safe from any such harmful odor, you should bring a quality natural latex mattress. Though the cost of these mattresses is on the higher side, the product’s long life span makes the investment worth it.

Sustainable & Eco-friendly

If you have decided to purchase a latex mattress topper and an organic mattress, it means you are concerned about your health. However, it will be in the best interest of everyone if you also start making eco-friendly choices. Buying a latex mattress can be your best decision ever because it takes care of both your health and the environment’s health.

These mattresses are manufactured using sustainable ways and have a longer life frame. Some manufacturers even give a warranty of up to 25 years on organic mattresses. If you keep the mattress in proper conditions, then it may last even more years. Using the same mattress for extended years will keep that product away from being dumped on the dumping grounds soon, which is favorable for the environment.

Apart from the reasons shared-above, there are many more aspects that can make you purchase the organic latex mattress. These mattresses are not only good for human health and promoting sound sleep, but they are also good from the investment and environment perspective. You will be paying once for this unmatched product and reap its benefits for years to come. You can also think of purchasing a latex mattress topper if you want the best for your sleep and health.

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