Gutters form a very important part of your home and if you overlook the health of your gutters, you will soon see a dirty backyard which is either full of dirt, or fall leaves or water, depending on the season. Although there are ways in which you can clean gutters on your own, you can even get help of professionals who can assist you in cleaning gutters. If you’re not sure about the steps that you need to take in order to clean the gutters of your home, here are some steps that you need to take.

  1. Pre-clean the gutters: It is needless to mention that the gutters are high above and hence you should climb a ladder and clean whatever is stored within the gutters. If debris and leaves are clogging it, water won’t be able to drain in the right manner and this would give birth to mud and mildew and sagging gutters. You should know that decomposed leaves make huge mulch and they decompose sooner. Hence, get a ladder and start pre-cleaning the gutters.
  2. Watch out for leaks: Watch out for the leaks, including those in the gutters and the cracks in the seams. You can use the old chisel to scrape off the old caulking and dry the portion. Use bead silicon sealing to keep water from entering the gutters and rotting the boards.
  3. Check the riveted portions: When you inspect, check those rivets on the downspout area. In most cases, you will see that they have turned loose or they may have dropped off completely. You can easily use a rivet gun in order to secure them. Buy new rivets at a local hardware store and purchase a rivet gun to check those areas.
  4. Check the gutters using a pressure washer: Once you’re done with the pre-cleanings or the mechanics, start cleaning those gutters. The best way in which you can do so is through a pressure washer. Ensure following the pressure washer instructions. A washer never hurts the gutters if you’ve protected the gutters with new spikes or screws. The real aim is to avert hitting the gutters at too high angle or blow off the shingles with a high pressure stream of water. You might even rent a pressure washer from shops by paying less than $100 when you don’t plan to use them too often.
  5. Some insider tips: Get rid of the old gutter ferrules and spikes and install each new set when you remove the old one. Position the new spike into the gutter, just behind the existing spike hole. Put in the gutter screw into the spike and use a standard variable speed drill, cordless or electric.

In case you think you won’t be able to clean your gutters on your own, you can seek help of a company which offers gutter cleaning service on the Northern Beaches. Professional help can often fulfil your wishes.

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