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To design a warm living room, it is not enough to buy pretty furniture and nice decoration: you also have to think about parameters such as brightness, storage or even the layout of the room.

Let in natural light

Let things be clear: for a living room to be warm and pleasant to live in, it must be bright. In fact, day-to-day light has a real impact on the organism, and in particular on morale. So in addition to investing in lights to illuminate the darkest areas of your living room, it is strongly recommended to let natural light in throughout the day.

To do this, nothing likes glass roofs or glass partitions in your living room: this allows it to be separated from other rooms without stopping the progress of light in the house. Bay windows, patio doors and XXL windows that will create welcome light openings to the outside and bring a maximum of natural light.


Make the room breathe (literally)

So that your living room exudes well-being and is conducive to relaxation, it is essential to make it breathe too. Indeed, the living room is a room in which everyone spends a lot of time, it is therefore essential to renew the air there regularly so that it is not stale and saturated with carbon dioxide especially in modern homes better and better isolated. The keys to a well-ventilated living room are naturally good ventilation, without forgetting to open the windows for 15 minutes at least once a day.

Breathe the room (figuratively speaking)

Do you think that for your living room to be pleasant to live in, you need to multiply the decorative elements and furniture to fill it and give it character? Warning: the more a living room is loaded, the more the eye is drawn in all directions, which is very tiring. This is why it is advisable not to have more than 3 strong elements in a living room, and to arrange this room according to its size and your real needs rather than by accumulating different objects that do not necessarily go together, and that will create an overloaded atmosphere that will subconsciously weigh you down.

Think “storage”

So that your living room rhymes with appeasement and relaxation, one last detail should not be overlooked: storage. Indeed, it is difficult to recharge your batteries in a mess where dozens of objects are constantly lying around (clothes, shoes, magazines, etc.) which pollute the gaze. To avoid cluttering up your living room with unnecessary things, storage units (cupboards, shelves, etc.) are obviously great allies, whether visible or hidden. And for small spaces, it is even possible to add additional storage, for example by installing cupboards under the stairs to optimize space as much as possible or by trusting the integrated storage that goes from floor to ceiling.

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