Finding Electricians You Can Trust

The choice of an electrician as the choice of a service provider is not obvious. It is all the more essential that the risks associated with the electrical installation are real. More than 30% of annual household fires are thought to be of electrical origin.Here are some common sense tips that are always useful to remember:

Quote Request

Request 2 or 3 quotes keeping in mind that a quote can be sent within two weeks and an appointment is often only obtained after a week.If you are in a dense municipality, do not hesitate to ask in a less populated neighboring municipality in order to compete.

The comparison of electricians will allow you to make your choice in full knowledge of the facts and to negotiate the best electrician rate. The artisan electrician must guarantee you the price indicated in the estimate for at least one month.

In the event of an emergency (electrical repair, power cut, short circuits, electrical panel, etc.), the electrician must inform you of the price by telephone. However, the price is not everything. The following criteria are essential:

Safety standards must be observed.

There are several standards. One of them is essential and mandatory if the building permit has been issued since June 1, 2003: the NF C15-100 standard.

The work must be carried out cleanly and take the environment into account. For example, woodwork in older apartments should be hidden where possible.

Before committing to an electrician, consider protecting yourself through damage insurance and professional guarantees.


Damage Insurance:

Make sure your electrician is covered for the risks related to legal liability for any damage he may cause you. As such, ask him for a certificate of his professional liability insurance.

The delivery time guarantee:

The electrical worker undertakes to respect the initially defined deadlines. You and the electrical contractor are covered against the risks of non-performance or poor performance of the work provided for in the contract, at the agreed rates and deadlines. In the event of default, contact the guarantor organization (a credit institution or an approved insurance company) by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt. He must then note the non-respect of the delivery deadline and give formal notice to the entrepreneur. If after fifteen days the formal notice has not changed, the guarantor proceeds to the execution of the electrical work. To avoid disappointments, do not hesitate to check that the requested company is attached to a guarantor organization, thatit is up to date in its payments and that the guarantor himself is able to meet his responsibilities.

The guarantee of perfect completion:

The building electrician must provide you with this guarantee, valid for one year from the date of receipt of the work. It protects you from poor workmanship, non-conforming work or work not done. It also guarantees you the repair of the disorders reported by the client or by the reservations made in the acceptance report. You must communicate any disorders detected after receipt by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt. It is advisable to hire the services of another electrician only after having sued the cantilevered electrician.

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