Top 5 Bedroom Furniture’s: give your bedroom a new look

A bedroom can have a theme and a lot of consideration can be put into it as done to your living room when making the den as comfortable and cozy as possible.  This is a newly found idea and one can turn a bedroom into a comfortable and as cozy place to retire to. A bed itself can be modified to compliment, save space by having beds that have storage space and have pull outs. There are other furniture options that will complement each other in a bedroom e.g. drawer chests, wardrobes, dressers, almirahs and many more in India.

  1. Decostyle Five Drawer Cum Decorative Pillar

This drawer is brown in color and has an ethnic style, made of wood with some work made of brass. You can add style to your bedroom with this decorative storage that can be stored in a corner. The fact that it is pillar like in height and is decorative in nature makes it really appealing and will bring style to the bedroom.

  1. Cosmos Albana Modular Wardrobe

The design of this wardrobe is that of a sliding door that adds style, ease and comfort and has become a preference to most people. It saves space and can be fitted against walls. There is a wide range, featuring hanging rods, shelves, drawers and hooks for ease of hanging apparels, some accessories etc. The option of shopping for this cosmo Albana Modular Wardrobe from the comfort of your house from some websites, like collect Fabfurnish furniture coupons and get your one with some discount.

  1. Home Town Mozart Dresser With Mirror Wenge

A dressing table is a piece of furniture mostly linked to and appreciated by ladies more unlike their counterparts the men in India. It eases the stress when searching for makeup, personal care items within sight and beautifully put them to display. It has a lovely color and finishing that is clean, design that is so thoughtful with a mirror that is designed to afford max storage with array of shelves and drawers and is made out of MDF.

  1. Elmwood Copper King Bed Honey

The bed which is king-sized with a sharp design, looks trendy and very fashionable. The head board has neat stripes that are attractive and has the right height. It is made of strong every day solid wood with matte finished surfaces that are attractive and clean. This bed is made up sheesham and the look can be finished by using a bedside lamp.

  1. Shaz Living Tashkent Mirror Distressed Silver

This is a handcrafted item that comes in varied colors and could differ in specifications. It’s made up of glass and miff and the color is silver. This contemporary piece has a frame.

This shaz living tashkent mirror is stylish and is also used as a beatification artifact in Indian bedrooms.

There is a number of furniture that can be placed in our bedrooms to beautify and to utilize space as well. Moreso, these items are available online and especially through pepperfry website with up to 20% discount and can be ordered from the comfort of our homes.

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