4 Ways Pests Sneak Into Your Home

Infested buildings are often plagued by bed bugs, ants, rats, and flies, which cause property damage and spread disease. You might wonder why these pests keep reappearing after you’ve exterminated them. The explanation may not be due to insufficient effort on your part to avoid infestation. Most likely, it’s because bugs are cunning and will find their way in regardless of what they do.

As a means of survival, pests gravitate toward warmth, food, and shelter. Pests can enter homes through cracks in doors, windows, air vents, and plumbing. You can even find pests in your possessions, such as bags. Get rid of them by taking preventative measures and hiring a reliable pest control Middleton, WI.

Consider the following four potential pest entry points:


The foundation and external walls of your house may develop cracks over time. This crack provides a perfect entryway for pests such as bed bugs, ants, and mice. Most of these pests are small enough to fit through tiny cracks and gaps in your inner structure. 

Also, these pests can use these openings as hiding places and breeding grounds. As a result, a comprehensive inspection is crucial to preventing or eradicating these pests. In case of holes or cracks, fill them with putty or concrete after the inspection.


Leaking plumbing pipes are one source of attraction for bugs that prefer moist environments. Rodents can even chew their way into your building by chewing their way through your lines. Make sure you do not use plastic or rubber pipes in your plumbing and fix any leaks as soon as possible.

Make sure any holes in your cables are covered. Also, establish excellent drainage systems around your building to avoid pest attraction.


Pests may get access to your home through doors and windows. Maintain a tight seal on them at all times. If there are any minor gaps around a closed door or window, use door seals to fill them in. 

Install tight-fitting thresholds, and door/window sweeps to keep the pests out. Use fine netting to keep even the tiniest bug pests out of your windows. In some cases, screen doors are more effective than ordinary doors. Examine your window screens regularly and repair or replace any tears or holes you detect.


Even though it may seem strange, did you know that firewood can introduce over 140 different kinds of bugs into your home? Additionally, the Michigan state government often prohibits residents from bringing in untreated firewood from specific areas.

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