Get your storm-damaged roof replaced in one day. No Hassles!

The owners of residential and commercial buildings in Myrtile Beach SC are able to select the best local roofing contractor for all types of roofing works including repairs and replacement. Most of the building owners choose the roofing contractor after going through Google reviews. They believe that selecting the right roofing contractor is very crucial in ensuring the safety of the structure. Building owners mainly consider the experience of a roofing contractor and also check which contractor is the most cost-effective and offers the best solution to their roofing needs. They expect the roof to be 100% trouble-free for several years after execution of the roofing project. The best quality roofing service is expected from the most experienced contractor. The high profile roofing contractors in Myrtile Beach SC provide 40 – 50 years warranty for the roofs that they have installed. The leading roofing companies also maintain excellent relationship with various roofing project financing companies and arrange loan for building owners who are short of funds to complete the roof repairing or roof replacing projects which became necessary unexpectedly and all of a sudden.

The popular roofing contractor in Myrtile Beach SC

Lenox Roofing is one of the leading roofing contractors in Myrtile Beach SC owned by Mr. Jason Grice. This roofing company undertakes all types of roofing projects like roof repairs, replacing existing roof with new roof and repair and replacement of skylight roofs. Those who want to repair or replace their existing roof can call this roofing contractor for a free inspection of the building and a free estimate. We come to know from various Google Reviews this roofing contractor firm assures their clients the best quality roofing and all the roofs that were repaired or replaced by them remain in the best condition for many years. Most of their clients agree that their prices are also very competitive.

Fast and efficient

The above roofing company in Myrtile Beach SC provides 50-years warranty for complete replacement of existing roofing systems. Also, this company is backed by Owens Corning, a fortune 500 company. Their commitment to professionalism, reliability and quality enabled them to remain in the forefront for so many years. Besides Myrtle Beach SC this roofing company undertakes roofing projects in other areas also like North Myrtle Beach SC, Conway SC, Murrells Inlet SC, Pawleys Island SC, Surfside Beach SC. Many customers have reported that the service team of this roofing company is highly professional and they are committed to provide the best customer service. They directly communicate with their customers when the work is in progress. Highly experienced workers and all advanced equipment contribute to making their service highly efficient and fast. They are able to replace the roof just in one day.

Claiming insurance

Lenox Roofing a number of different roofing systems for homes and commercial buildings including metal, shingle and a variety of commercial flat roofs such as modified bitumen, built up, EPDM/Rubber, PVC and TPO. This full-service roofing company specializes in repairing and replacing roofs that were damaged by storm. They also help their customers in the process of claiming insurance for their damaged roof. They ensure that all the damage caused by the storm is clearly mentioned in the insurance claim. As an experienced roofing company they can meet all roofing needs of residential and commercial buildings.  

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