Why Fire Door Maintenance Is Essential In Fire Protection And Safety

In conversations about fire protection and safety, the most common topics revolve around the tools and equipment needed to keep properties safe. So, fire extinguishers, fire exit signs, among others are common topics, but there is one essential that is often left out– the fire door.

Fire doors aren’t heavily talked about because they are seen as a passive fire protection tool. Unlike extinguishers and hoses that can help put out the fire, a fire door only keeps the fire at bay. Since the goal of fire prevention and protection is to prevent the spread of fire, these heavy-duty doors actually play an important role.

Homes and buildings that invest in fire doors may think that these doors don’t need care and maintenance, but they do. If it has been a while since you last checked on the fire door’s condition, here are some essential maintenance tips you can start using today:

Regular Checks Depending On Foot Traffic

Since not all fire doors are located in heavy foot traffic areas, their checkup schedules don’t need to be the same. Follow this guide to ensure all fire doors are up to code:

Heavy Traffic – Doors that are installed in areas with the most traffic should be checked at least once a week to ensure they are in excellent condition.

Main Entrances – Although there is a lot of foot traffic seen through the main entrance, not many people stay in the area. Checking the fire doors once a month is more than enough in these areas.

Rarely Used Doors – Doors that lead down the stairwell or other rarely used doors can be checked only twice a year since there is very little traffic in the area.

Check For Wear And Tear

During each inspection, always look for signs of natural wear and tear as well as tampering. The door’s intumescent seals must be intact without any signs of damage or being painted over. Also check that all gaps, whether at the bottom, top, or sides are not more than 4mm when it is closed. Anything over that gap size indicates the door can no longer stop fire from spreading effectively.

Inspect The Screws And Hinges

Test the screws and hinges of the door to see if any are missing. When doing this, also take the time to close the door to see if it can firmly latch on without getting stuck. If the door passes this inspection, it means it is still in excellent condition.

Test The Vision Panels

Peak through the vision panels to determine whether there is enough visibility. Make sure to double-check for any cracks or chips during the inspection. The panel must be fully intact without signs of damage to pass the inspection.

Fire doors are essential for fire prevention and protection, but only if they are in excellent condition. While there is no need to replace the doors regularly or to wash them everyday, inspecting them for signs of damage is essential to ensure it does its job in case of a fire.

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