Top 5 Ideas on How to Utilize the Space In Front of the Windows

Large windows make a house beautiful with all the natural light they allow in and their unique and beautiful shapes. However, some people will see them as big interrupters of their design. Therefore, they only put the curtains, and that’s it. You can utilize the space in front of the windows to make them more functional and maximize space. Here are five ideas you can try if you have a bay window, a bow window, or any other kind.

  1. Home Office

If you have the habit of bringing work at home or you work from home at times, setting up a home office can be a great idea to help you stay productive. The window is a great spot to set up a home office without sacrificing the rest of the space. There is enough light coming in, not to mention the beautiful view. However, when setting up the office close to the window, ensure it does not face a busy street or a noisy place. It will also be a good idea to set it at the window on the east side of your house where the sun hits in the morning.

  1. Window Seat

This is a popular idea you will find in many homes. A window seat provides a comfortable place to relax and retreat after a busy and tiresome day. Raise the platform to distinguish it from the rest of your room, and look for additions to make the place more comfortable. Add a plush of window seat cushions and some decorative pillows. It can also be a good idea to add a bookshelf if you want to read from there. If the window is in the kitchen, you can create the window seat to be a breakfast nook. Don’t choose the choice that covers the windows completely when choosing the curtains. An option like sheer curtains will do.

  1. Breakfast Corner

Another great idea for using the space in front of the window is setting up a breakfast corner. It will be a beautiful place to enjoy coffee or brunch in the morning. You can go for a console or a tall bench where you can tuck in the chairs after you are done.

  1. Storage

No one ever has too much space for storage. You will look for ways to maximize your storage, but not many people think about the area close to the window. Make the most out of this area by adding extra storage. And some shelves or closed drawers to stock away your items. The great thing is that you can use it as storage below and a cozy corner at the top of the shelves.

  1. Plants Area

If you are a plant lover, the area in front of the window can be perfect for indoor plants. Customize your bay window area for the planters or set up a garden.


These are amazing ideas you can try to utilize the space near the windows. Create a home office or use it as a relaxing area. You can also set it up to enjoy your breakfast or additional storage. Whichever choice you go for, don’t think the area interrupts your interior design.

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