Perfect Options for the Best Investments for the Villa With a Pool

It is in the past four years that the Maltese real estate villa market has experienced a significant increase. Despite a slight drop in 2012, this increase was also very significant in the early 2000s. According to a study carried out in 2018, as for 60% of French people, stone remains a safe bet in Malta. Thanks to numerous incentives (tax credit for first-time buyers, abandonment of inheritance costs, etc.), the State stimulates and revitalizes the local market as much in the old as in the new. So when it comes to the  villas for sale in Malta you will need to be specific on these parts now.

Professional real estate in Malta

Commercial premises

When you want to invest in villa with a pool, you should know that commercial premises and other stores bring in two to three times more than rental properties, which makes this type of investment more attractive. In addition, arrears are less frequent, the investor will sign a long-term lease and will have a lasting relationship with his professional tenants.

The offices

Thanks to its cheap labor and its intrinsic advantages, the economic attractiveness of the archipelago is no longer to be proven in Europe with companies. Indeed, many international companies and investors wish to set up there, and this more and more over time. The return on investment is therefore faster than elsewhere, especially when it comes to offices or business centers with a view of the sea, car parks, shops and services nearby. So, if you want to invest in offices, choose a strategic location, well connected and close to all amenities, this will ensure high and sustainable rents.

  • Thanks to the many advantages offered by the Maltese archipelago, more and more foreigners decide to settle there and buy real estate as a main residence, second home or even as rental property investment.
  • To optimize your project, you will need to know the purchase procedure, the inherent costs and the taxation in the event of resale of the property acquired.
  • Your rights and your taxes change whether or not you belong to the European Economic Area (EEA). Indeed, an EEA national enjoys the freedom to buy any type of goods even if he is not resident in Malta. On the other hand, a third-country national must fulfill a certain number of conditions before achieving this.
  • However, in certain prestige areas called “Special Designed Areas” there are no restrictions on the purchase of real estate whether or not you are a national of a member country of the EEA.
  • Outside these zones, a third-country national must obtain a special permit called AIP “Acquisition of Immovable Property Permit”.

The costs of buying Villas in Malta

Agency fees

If you go through a real estate agency for your purchase, the fees are generally 5% HT payable to the seller.

Transfer Duties (Stamp Duty)

The buyer will have to pay a transfer duty (Stamp duty) of around 5% of the value of the amount, to be paid to the Public Finance Department (Commissionnaire of Inland Revenue). When it comes to villas for sale in St Julians the options are open there perfectly.

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