Lighting Options for Outdoor Drives

Many people choose to add lights to their outdoor areas and there are many reasons for this. It is possible that homeowners simply want to mark out their driveway to make leaving and approaching the house as easy as possible, or maybe they simply want to provide some illumination to an outside dining space. Outdoor lights are made to be durable and to withstand harsh weather and in the case of walk over lights, heavy loads such as a large car. Many people also choose to purchase LED lights. The reasons for this are many. The light from LED is much clearer and brighter than a traditional bulb and they are also far more energy efficient. Below are some examples of outdoor LED lights for your driveway.

LED Walk over Light

Walkover lights are a great option to add light to an otherwise dark and dreary driveway. They are recessed into the ground so that they do not hinder or take up space in any way. Most models are suitable to be used on decking and other forms of outdoor flooring. The most common types will be finished in stainless steel to make the most of the bright light that the LED exudes and they will also have a glass diffuser made from tough glass in order to protect the bulbs and prevent the lights from breaking or smashing.

Round Outdoor Light

The round outdoor lights can also be recessed into the ground but the model itself is slightly larger than a standard walk over light. How far the light is recessed into the ground is essentially up to you. Many people choose to make a feature of them and leave them peeking just about ground level or higher, and other people like them to look more like underground spotlights and therefore choose to fully recess them.

Exterior Wall Lights

Exterior wall lights come in many different shapes and sizes. If you are looking for an exterior wall light that uses LED technology then you may find that are more limited in terms of choice. For example, the lantern style light will likely be unavailable to you as many of these run on either mains electricity or solar power. However there are many other models you can choose from such as spotlights and bulkhead lights.

Exterior Brick Lights

Exterior brick lights are incredibly classy and have a really nice effect of the exterior of the home. As the name suggests they are built in the shape and size of a regular house brick. This means that when the light is off the model blends in perfectly with its surroundings and when it is on it gives the impression of a delightful glow emanating directly from the home itself.

Regardless of your personal style, budget or taste you will be able to find and outdoor LED light to cover your needs. The choices are numerous and their popularity means that the availability is only continuing to grow.

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