How to Keep Your Floor Tile and Grout As Good As New

Your new home has a shine that you love looking at. This shine will reduce with use and time. But there are ways to make your house look as good as new, even after living there for many years. When you look at a room, your eyes are always looking down on the floors. A dirty floor reflects a dirty room. With time, your tiles can reduce in radiance, and look dull if dirt is collected on them. Perth tile and grout restoration experts have recommended that regular cleaning and maintenance of tiles can give you the durability you are looking for. Here are few ways you can do this.

Though every effort will be made by the cleaning professionals to remove the odour of various pets however sometimes there can be contamination left behind. You must call the cleaning company and they will send their experienced technicians to take the necessary action.

  1. Don’t stop at sweeping

Sweeping tiles is a great way to remove the dust and debris from it. But sweeping is only twenty percent of the job. When you sweep dust, only a few of the large particles get moved away from the tile. There are many finer dust particles that stay behind even with the most intent sweeping. You need to follow the sweeping with vacuum cleaning and mopping. A vacuum cleaner is a great tool to help you release those fine particles lodged in the grouts of the tiles. The process of mopping makes the tiles free of any remnant dust and give them the sanitization it needs from germs and bacteria.

  1. Don’t let spills dry

If you drop a nasty liquid, clean it with a damp cloth or sponge immediately. Additionally, use a disinfectant with some water to prevent germs. Food spills in kitchens are a common sight. Once you are done the cooking, take time to remove all the spills so they do not turn into stubborn stains.

  1. Use a bath mat

Perth tile and grout restoration experts have stated that most damage to the grout of a tile comes from stray water. These water droplets that you ignore, can be a big reason for corrosion of the grout, which in turn attracts more dust and germs.  Use a bath mat to makes sure your floors are dry and fresh at all times.

  1. Add rugs to common areas

Places in your house that received more foot traffic can be matted away to keep your floors good as new. Rugs are easier to clean and also add a style factor to your home. This also makes sure durt and water from shoes don’t directly affect your tiles.

With simple maintained, you can make your tiles damage proof. A small thought to them each day can give them the long life you wish for.

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