5 signs that you must ditch the current HOA management company

If you live in a planned community with an HOA in Phoenix, you already know the benefits. HOAs are often managed by the board, which includes resident members. More communities are now choosing phoenix hoa management companies to deal with their finances, management, & maintenance needs. HOA management is a specific task, which requires companies to offer professional and customized services to offer appropriate services to the community. In this post, let’s discuss the signs that you need to ditch the current HOA management company. 

  1. There are communication gaps. Every professional HOA management service is expected to assign a manager for each client (read–community), who would be responsible for all hassles and communication work. If the manager or the team in charge of the work is hard to reach, you should look for alternatives. 
  2. There are frequently missed deadlines. There are agendas that the HOA is expected to meet, and the management in charge is expected to adhere to the deadlines. If these deadlines are frequently ignored, or the work is not happening as per the dedicated timeline, it could be a red flag. 
  3. There are financial discrepancies. The HOA management companies are expected to collect rent, fees, and dues on time and deposit the same on time. However, if there are frequent and evident financial discrepancies that seem to be plaguing your HOA’s functionality, it is certainly time for a new team to step in. 
  4. There have been screening issues. The manager is expected to ensure that new tenants are screened before they are allowed to rent a property in your community. If you think the guidelines are not being met or there are apparent lapses, talk to the board about finding a new management service for the job. 
  5. The costs are constantly rising. As you become a part of the HOA, you are expected to pay the fee like other residents. However, if you find that there are constant hikes and fluctuations, you should ask for an explanation. It could be a sign of hidden charges, which is not something that the HOA needs to deal with. 

Finally, check if the community is being managed well. The HOA management company is in charge of ensuring that common areas are maintained as required and must communicate with vendors and contractors in time. If your community’s upkeep is being compromised, do not stick to the company. 

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